Dear Body

Dear body,

I am sorry for not appreciating you and all of the places you allow me to go. Instead of measuring your worth by your strength, ability to keep me going, and perseverance, I measured it by the scale, the mirror, and the label in my jeans. Instead of respecting and nourishing you, I starved you, binged, forced you to vomit, abused laxatives, and exercised despite symptoms of fatigue. I cut you in order to relieve anxiety, and I have even tried to end your very existence. I have called you “fat,” “crippled,” “useless,” and “grotesque;” but now I see that this is untrue. You are strong. You are resilient. If I would not judge my friends based upon their exercise routines and their diets, I shall not subject you to that sort of judgment. Thank you for building and rebuilding. Thank you for existing.



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