An Open Letter to My 12-year-old Self

At this point in time, you would do anything to be accepted. You think that if you lose weight, buy designer clothes, or cake your face with makeup, people will like you. And you think you will be happy if more people like you. I know you think you need to prove yourself, and that you can still succeed despite your disability. I know that all you want is to be “normal,” but no matter how hard you try, you cannot change who you are.  And overworking yourself in order to prove yourself will never make you happy.

If you fast-forward six years, you are never the “popular girl,” you do not end up going to your dream school, you never have a supermodel’s physique, and you have to leave college before completing your first semester. Your life does not turn out the way you envisioned, but you meet some incredible people along the way. You also learn that content is more important than appearances and that you never have to prove yourself to anyone. Remember to focus on what is around you instead of staring off into the far distance. And if you are dorky, be dorky.


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