I Will Not Be Silenced

     I have tried to write a million times. Nothing seems good enough. I feel like I have forgotten how to reach people or maybe people do not care enough. I have contemplated stopping this blog. As much as it has gone international and reached diverse people, it seems as if some people either revel in their ignorance or that I fail to connect to them. It is frustrating. It is disheartening.       

    I know that people will always disagree. I know that. Maybe I was naive enough to think people with opposing viewpoints would actually listen. Maybe I still do. I still think I have a story to tell. I still hope people will listen.

     The fight against ableism did not start with me. It will not end with me. I am just a twenty-year-old girl. I know that people say “your twenties are your selfish years,” but I want to be less selfish. I want to forget about my ego–it holds me back. I take criticism personally, and then I quit. Obviously quitting defeats the purpose of any kind of activism. Quitting just gives oppressors more power. I will not do that.

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